Industrial flooring

The paving is very important in every factory. It is just on this, that all its activities Take place.
It is just for this reason that its planning must be as the customer requires and its realization Perfect.
Our company, working with care and professionalism , produces high quality floorings, guaranteeing the factories the continuity and the best effectiveness of its productive Process.
Europavimenti produces:

  • continuous paving in concrete with finish antiusury

  • :: at dusting
    :: battleship at paste
  • paving "for services"

  • paving"without joints"

  • structurals paving

  • wire-guided tracks

  • monolithic smooths paving

  • anti-sliding paving for tilts plans

Beyond to applicative technologies of vanguard, our company has introduced in its material productive cycles innovated to you, which man-made fibers and of steel, it points out super-fluidity and antiwithdrawal to you, helping of finish, for the improvement of the best characteristics of the paving, the reduction of the phenomena of withdrawal of the concrete, the formation of one layer of resistant usury, antipowder, raincoat.
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